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Most Popular VR Porn Apps people are using?

In the last decade, there’s been a large shift in porn, and in the latest year another one. The first shift is from desktop PC to mobile, most people now watch all their porn on their phones, not even bothering to turn on their computer. The 2nd of these shifts is currently ongoing and has been a rather sublime, subtle change which is happening much more gradually, and that is the change from normal to VR porn. This is why today we’re combining these two and bringing you the top VR porn apps for your headset!


Sex like real app

The sex like real app is available and works with a myriad of headsets, from the Oculus rift all the way to the Google cardboard. It’s a very versatile app which is extremely easy to download straight from their website, they also have a cool and easy to follow tutorial about how to install the app to work with your headset properly, the company’s customer service is top notch, and you won’t be getting any troubles getting their product to work seamlessly and exactly as it was supposed to right out of the box.

They also feature a wide, and I mean WIDE array of actresses in their videos, which practically guarantees that no matter what you like, blondes, redheads, tall or short, this app will have something for you. It’s also free to boot, which means that you can always simply give it a shot and uninstall if you don’t like it, this is a privilege, especially for a high-quality VR app, as those are often paid and not in small amounts in the slightest. This makes the sex like real app  one of the prime contenders for best VR porn app of today.


Virtual real player

Virtual real player is a VR porn app completely different from sex like real. Where sex like real has its diversity virtual real player has its cutthroat specificity. It targets specifically one audience, the website is catered specifically to this one unique set of people the developers have chosen, and it works, it works extremely well DUE to the fact they’ve chosen to limit themselves so much. This may not be an app for everyone, but those that CAN use it, in our opinion, no doubt, should. And those exact people are the users of Samsung’s Gear VR. The system itself is built openly, which lets developers interact much easily and enables seamless innovation and improvement when it comes to the technological side of things.

The focus also means that bugs and glitches, which usually plague VR apps, will be few and far in between. It’s also made by a trusted, 3rd party developer, which instead of making this excellent product paid, made it free and only asks for a patreon pledge to keep it running which shows that the creators truly love their project and want it to succeed.

All in all, if you have a Samsung Gear VR, this should be your app of choice, or if not, very near the top.