Best Animated Explainer Videos

Most people who want to reach and engage their audience are using explainer videos as a way to do so. They are a marketer’s dream come true since they are so fun and easy to follow. Presently, there are millions of types of explainer videos found online. They can be found in screencast, live action or animated format, among others. However, the focus of this article is geared for those interested in the animated platform. This compilation contains some of the best animated explainer videos of 2017.

The Explainer Video Power

The online world is full of explainer videos because they are so powerful and effective. Explainer videos can help businesses and individuals promote anything they wish better than ever. The majority of the most popular explainer videos are often animated. Although real life footage or screencast formats are used, the whiteboard explainer videos method are the most popular. There are several reasons as to why people would rather use animation than actual live action formats.

Producing a great animated explainer video may be a cheaper option for the creator in some cases. Other reasons may include a person’s reluctance to appear on camera. Or perhaps using animation may be better for the company or business. Animation can reach a wider audience since cartoons can be done without limitations. That explains why popular animated explainer videos are found everywhere you look today. Keep in mind that a vast majority of businesses typically use a video production company to help them with their explainer videos. SquareShip is highly recognized for their top rated video production services.

There are many reasons why a person may be searching for the best animated explainer videos. For those who are thinking of creating their own whiteboard or animated explainer videos, this list can help. You can get an idea of what made these so popular and well liked. Individuals or businesses looking to start an animated video campaign, can benefit greatly by watching these.

Inspiration, production approach or structure can be obtained from seeing other people’s great work. You can hone in on their unique storytelling and pitch. The animation style used may give you some insight into the one you want to create. Using the success of a previous video is very smart. Still, it could simply be that you may be interested in seeing some fun and entertaining explainer videos. Irrespective of the reason, below are some of the best animated explainer videos available.

What is AI? (HubSpot)

This explainer video is great for anyone who wants to know what artificial intelligence or machine learning is. This popular animated explainer video tells the story of AI. It uses animation and a voiceover to explain their message to viewers. Find all the info relevant to artificial intelligence broken down in an easy to follow explanation.

Animation for a Cause Videos –

These series of Animation for A Cause videos are centered around an awesome idea. The makers believe that “One minute can make a difference” when it comes to non-profit companies. The animations used in this explainer videos are awesome and entertaining.

YumYumVideos –

These animated explainer videos are extremely useful for those that are thinking of using them as a marketing tool. They go into detail explaining what is the best explainer video style for your business. There are numerous tips for you to use and learn here. All of them are created using amazing and entertaining animation.

Mint –

You can use the info on this explainer video to learn about personal finance management. Mint has countless of explainer videos to help explain this. The format used showcases how easy it is for a company or business to explain difficult topics, using animation. Plus, they add some cool music to their videos to make them even more entertaining and fun.

What is an API? (MuleSoft)

With almost a million views, this animated explainer video is a perfect example of the power behind a well made video. They use a combination of animated visual effects along with clear storyline. The end result is an astounding explainer video which turned out to be extremely popular.

Triggermail –

The moment you begin watching this animated explainer video, you will be enthralled. It uses a great storyline, graphics and animation to tell its story. You get information while being entertained. Those are the two of the things every top rated explainer video wants to deliver.

IT-MAN solves your everyday IT-problems! =

Using animation which mimics classic computer graphics, this animated video does its job. Viewers are instantly drawn by the graphics and entertaining storyline. You obtain the info from the video and before you know it, the explainer video is finished.

Onward Internet –

Hard to believe how far the internet has come since this video was first created. Still, the “Onward Internet” animated explainer video remains a top choice in its genre. That’s because most people end up watching it several times. Once you get users to do that, you have wound up with a great explainer video in your hands.

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