How To Make An Animated Movie On The Computer For Free?

Nowadays, movies and animation go hand-in-hand. Most independent filmmakers utilize animation so they can relay their message to their target audience. This is due to the fact that not all production houses can employ actors to play the roles.

As a matter of fact, animated movies draw lots of attention these past few years as they keep on succeeding in the silver screen unlike to the movies created with stellar actors. If you want to make the next Finding Nemo or Toy Story, here are some tips on how to make an animated movie on the computer without spending anything:

  • Identify what story you like to tell.

First thing first. You need to determine what type of good story you’d like to convey. Would you like to tell about something about your dog before it died in a car accident? When you already know you like to show or tell, you can proceed to construct the storyboard. If you want a more definitive plan, you may write a script too.


  • Design your characters.

After that, start designing your characters. You may also opt to draw the characters from different viewpoints.



  • Time for the storyboard.

You don’t need to create a super realistic storyboard.  But it is advisable to draw all key poses. By doing so, it will make things way easier along the way.  When you’re done, be sure to label them properly for organization purposes.

If you are already satisfied with the results, you could scan them and convert into digital form.


  • Clean-up, clean-up, clean-up

When you are happy with the animation, you could begin cleaning up those line art. You have to decide the kind of line you want to utilize. You should know that there are plenty of line arts available. Cleaning those rough animation line can be a daunting task, however, when you do it right, it will make coloring and inbetweening much easier.

Having an interesting and catchy animated movie for your advertisement or campaign can help your business rank higher among your competitors. By making a lasting impression on customers, you can successfully place your business and brand firmly at the top of peoples’ minds.

Animation videos let you achieve this with numerous possibilities. Thus, if you don’t want to invest time and efforts, better ask a professional to do the job for you. If a single picture can convey a thousand words, imagine what animation movie can do for you and your business.

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