How To Make Animated Videos

There is a rise in video marketing in social media platforms and every digital marketer should take their cue on this.

Visual images get processed at a much faster rate than text. This scientific fact has triggered a marked shift towards visual content. Yes, videos or visual content converts better than text because people have very short attention spans and are visually dominant by nature.

Regrouping Your Brand with Video Marketing

Branding is basically storytelling and video marketing is changing the phase and pace of advertising today. While there are many conduits to this, video storytelling should definitely be a part of your social media marketing strategy.

Your content strategy should be irresistible enough to engage your target audience. Keep in mind that more social media users today actually prefer watching videos than reading texts. If you haven’t started on this yet then now would be the best time to do it.

Video marketing has revolutionized branding strategies globally. A huge chunk of search traffic (around 85%) will now be generated from video content.  This equates largely to the fact that majority of social media users or 65% are said to be visually oriented. Social channels are now optimized to enable video content in users’ news feeds regardless of whether you are using Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Social and video ads are projected to grow exponentially starting 2017 and in the coming years. There is also a huge boost on ad expenditures allocated on video content. Ad spendfor this type of content is said to increase up to 184%.

Why Animated Videos?

I got three words to explain this – Fast, simple, and entertaining.

Depending on your content strategy, you need to keep your animated videos short yet stunning. Create videos that your audience can relate to and you will capture their attention.

You put a face into a brand with animated videos which heightens engagement and creates authentic relationships. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make animated videos for your branding needs:

Create a storyline. Before you deal with the technicalities of making animated videos, you have to get your hands dirty by jotting down your ideas of how your video would be like. Yes, you can use a pen and paper for this initial step. Ask yourself this – What is the goal of your video content? With that, you have to determine your target audience and your branding concept. You have to create a branding video that sells – so you basically have to learn how to cut through the noise.


  • Choose your animation software or tools. There are tons of free animation tools or software that you can use for creating your videos. A lot of these do not require downloads and are cloud-based, so you can start right away. You can also opt for the free trial to get a feel of the software before making a purchase.


  • Select a style library. Depending on your brand, you would need different visualization models. You also get access to a plethora of royalty-free stock images, music, sounds, motion graphics, and illustrations that you can use to create a captivating animated video. You can also insert images to include in your video like your products and services.


  • Get creative. Here’s the critical part of combining the tools with your concept and products to create a powerful video presentation for your brand.

This mobile generation needs content that can keep up with the pace. These animated videos are optimized for speed, shareability, and fun. Yes, it is important to optimize shareability and the brevity of the storytelling context so people would hang on to every frame.

Anything imagined can be animated. This is what makes animated videos compelling for this generation. Digital marketers ravel in animated videos because it appeals to the senses, simplifies complicated concepts, and easy to recall. Now that you have your animated video ready, it’s time to get social and share it to the world.



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